Butyl Tube Sealant

Manus-Bond 50A-HV is a high solids, non-drying, self-healing synthetic rubber based sealant for reducing sound and vapor transmission, standing roof seams, wall panels, insulated metal panel and metal building construction. Provides excellent adhesion to ZINCALUME, KYNAR500, stainless steel, polyvinylidene fluoride, Galvalume, Galvalume Plus, aluminum, concrete, gypsum, wood surfaces, foam boards, plastic and fiberglass. 50A-HV is a VOC compliant, non-drying, non-bleeding formula which remains flexible to form a long lasting resilient seal. This non-webbing formulation exhibits excellent tackiness for permanent bonding. 50A-HA contains an anti-microbial agent which inhibits the growth of mildew and bacteria. Manus-Bond 50A-HV is FDA regulated for food contact. USDA accepted.

Manus Bond 50A-HV (Butyl Tube Sealant)Tech Data Sheet (PDF)

Manus Bond 50A-HV (Butyl Tube Sealant) Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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