Butyl Tape Sealant

Rubex 126 PREMIUM BUTYL TAPE SEALANT is formulated to provide optimum sealing properties and adherence to a variety of substrates. It will reduce or prevent electrolysis, galvanic corrosion, thermal transfer, vibration and noise transmission.

Rubex 126 bonds through oily Galvalume; and adheres well to Zincalume, KYNAR 500, painted metals, glass, wood, and concrete. As such, it is a standard in the metal building, roofing and construction industries. It is commonly used to seal: roof curbs, Standing Seam Roof endlaps, metal rib and lap joints, sky lights, window and door flanges, air conditioning units, polyethylene sheeting, and rivets and lap seam in trailers and RV's.

Butyl Tape Tech Data Sheet (PDF)

Butyl Tape Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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